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Many people confuse sexuality with sensuality. Strictly speaking, sexuality is about sex, and sensuality is about the senses. Stimulating the senses may lead to sex at times, but it also leads to a closer relationship with your spouse. Warm touches, even when sex is not the goal, help your spouse feel loved and wanted and close to you.

It may seem obvious that hugging is an important part of marriage. Unfortunately, many couples seem to drift away from frequent hugs after they have been together for a while. In other cases, hugs are only a part of the sexual routine. If you and your spouse have drifted away from hugging often, go to him or her today and give a warm hug, just because. Take the time to hug your spouse every day.

Kissing seems to suffer the same fate as hugging. A quick peck on the cheek, if we remember to do that, is not enough. Kissing should not be reserved only for sexual situations either. If you want to get your spouse's attention, pick a moment when the kids are busy, a give him or her a soft, lingering kiss. Kissing is an important part of intimacy. It needs to be done well, and done often.

We need to touch more. Many couples that have been together a long time, have lost that "can't keep our hands off each other" feeling. It's really kind of sad. If this describes your relationship, put your arm around your husband or wife; take his or her hand. Sit on his lap, rub his neck, run your hands through his hair. Touching helps us stay more connected.

Tickling, gentle pinching, love pats, and other playful touching is also good for keeping a relationship on a more relaxed level. Playfulness can often allow for a much needed break from more serious aspects of life. Aside from creating a sense of togetherness, each of these forms of sensual touch can also lead to more frequent and more relaxed sexual experiences.

Sherry Holetzky is a work at home mom and freelance writer. Married to her best friend, Sherry and her husband are raising their family in a quiet rural setting in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

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