I make up words. You can call me speech lazy or something. Friends I call either by their first initial or the first syllable of their names. Acronyms are my lifeline, my favorite being CYA! One year at this ad agency I worked a colleague and I literally had the big wigs using one of my made up words-Sympocious!

Throughout this blog you'll find some made-up words that I will list on their own page (this page) for quick reference.

"KimDisms" is what I like to call them-see I made up another one!

SIOK: Single Income One Kid
SWHAM: Mom in limbo between being a SAHM and a WAHM
Friemly: Friends that I consider family
MPs: Mommy Police
Inad: I need a drink!
Executive Homemaker: The full time stay at home parent who runs the household as a business with the goal of success, growth, and creating intrinsic value.
DFI: Demetrio Family, Inc.
FruGirl: The FruGal, KimD's  protégé
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