As I travel the road of Mommyhood, I've noticed that sometimes I end up IN THE 'HOOD, if you know what I'm saying. There's a major turf war going on in my home so the rumbles are getting more serious! Fortunately these rumbles entail us singing songs from The West Side Story and walking in circles while other family cheers us on. No real blood shed, but one of us may end up losing street cred.

From this I am learning some valuable Lessons in Parenting: (A list in the making.)
  1. Frappe Regret: Do not, under any circumstances, give your toddler a 12oz McD Caramel Frappe! No matter how annoying her high pitched whiny-arsed crying tantrum becomes. Especially 2 hours before bedtime!
  2. Time Out: When your constantly-repeating-the-same-questions child tells you to stop screaming at her, stop screaming and go to your corner of the ring. Telling you to stop was her calling a time out. She's a lightweight trying to contend with a heavyweight.
  3. Just Ignore: When your toddler is crawling around on all fours on the disgusting, germ covered, dirt infested Fast Food Joint's playground floor barking like a dog...look at her like you haven't a clue who's kid she is and then refill your soda.
  4. That's NOT Chocolate: You've been on the computer/phone/watching tv & ignoring your toddler too long when she shoves 2 of her fingers in your face with brown smelly stuff on them. Stop what you are doing immediately and attend to the needs of your child-both emotional and diaper!
Click here for the ever growing list of Lessons in parenting! I figure I'm now a Junior level student, Senior year can't come quick enough!
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