Children are Petri Dishes!

This winter has been so fun. sNOT! My baby girl at Thanksgiving had her first ear infection.  She was a pretty tough cookie going through that. Now she is oozing snot 24/7. Oozing isn't even an accurate word. Spewing? Projecting? And to add insult to injury, I'm typing with a scratchy throat and know I'm next!

So, why have I dissed kids in the title. I'll tell you.  Last Saturday I took B to get her first vaccination. Don't ask, don't comment, don't judge. We get to the Dr. office and its packed with coughing and sneezing germ capsules all running around and touching everything. I instantly got a look of terror on my face whilst B got an excited, "look at all the kids and toys" look on hers.  Sensing my discomfort caused by the environment, the Doc took us early. He checks her out, her ears look perfect, she's in good health, blah, blah, blah.  The nurse injects her with some potentially deadly latent virus that is meant to protect her somewhere down the road, and we leave.  Sunday she starts vomitting, Monday she's all cranky and is puking out her behind, Tuesday & Wednesday same. Christmas Eve-Thursday-let the snot evacuation and coughing begin. Friday-Christmas-full onslot of snot and misery. Puffy eyes, crankiness, coughing, lack of appetite, etc., etc.. 

She's asleep now on her dad while I type this. His shirt is now her tissue. I blame those disgusting snot nosed germ spewing kids at the doc's office for this fine holiday treat. They better pray I'm not sick for NYE!

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