And she wasn't even jumping!

First off, confession: we are lazy parents and most nights let B sleep with us in our bed. Seriously, it truly is out of pure laziness that we do this. I don't want to have to get up and walk the 20 feet (if that) to her room at 3 in the morning if she wakes up.

Secondly, you may recall from a previous post that I'm basically all about jumping. Jumping in puddles, jumping on couches, etc. B's Nonno & Nonna let her jump on their bed everytime she is over. Of course that has spilled over to our bed. We tell her its ok to jump at Nonno's but not on Mommy & Daddy's bed. It falls on deaf ears. So the other day when we were at the most awesome used bookstore I found a book called "No More Jumping on the Bed". Been reading it to her regulalry to no avail.

Now back to our scheduled program.
Last night she once again fell asleep in between us and we left her there. At about 4 in the morning she freakin fell off the bed flat onto her face! I of course woke immediately and scooped her up minimizing the crying time.

Here's what gets me: She wasn't even jumping on the bed when she fell off! I'm now in negotiations for writing a childrens book about the dangers of sleeping in a bed!


(This is a video from when we stayed at a really nice hotel on Michigan Ave. last December)


  1. Ouch! Yep, I hear you. Hey, it happens. =) They get over it & so do their parents. lol

  2. Yes they do Carm! She's as happy as can be right now playing her drum and having a one man parade! (ok, 2-I was playing the slide whistle).

  3. Great blog :) Looking forward to following you!
    Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. I'll bet tons could relate and buy that book:)

    I'm following you from MBC:)

  5. I'll send you the first copy Deana! Thanks for the follow and I look forward to following I correct, you are doing a half marathon? God bless you on that one!


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