Becoming Italian: Festival of the Woman! Why is this not well known?...

I posted this on my other blog, Becoming Italian, but had to share it here!

Becoming Italian: Festival of the Woman! Why is this not well known?...:

Sunday my inlaws were over and while I sat outside with my FIL he began telling me about a festival that is starting in his hometown back in Italy. It's something to the effect of the Festival of the Madonna of the high seas (he's from a coastal town).

Anywho, I thought about trying to find some 411 on this festival...wait, back note-one of the highlights of this festival is when divers take a plastic Madonna (as in Mary, Jesus's mom-not the Material girl) and at dark they put lights in it and have it slowly rise up from the ocean while the entire town looks on with awe. I found that a bit creepy, thus my interest in finding out more about it. Ok, back to the subject.

While I was searching for this kinda creepy festival I came across one that I've never heard of and obviously neither has HallmarkFesta Della Donna: The festival of the woman! That's right, March 8 is International Women's Day and in Italy the men (and in recent times women) give their mamas, sisters, girlfriends, wives, etc. etc. a bundle of Mimosa flowers, get this--as a sign of respect for the women!

Here's my rant: We celebrate freakin Ground Hog's Day (my wedding aniversary btw) but NOT Festa Della Donna!

Come on, show a girl a little respect!

[To My Husband: Put March 8th in your iPhone Calendar to get me some Mimosa flowers!-Love You :-)]

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