Moment of silence please

For the passing of my Rock Star days! It's Pride Weekend and pre-B I'd be downtown partying it up at some hopping hot spots with the dance music pumping and the libations on cruise control. I might not have made it to the parade the next day but a good time was always had by all!

I sit here on a Friday evening before 10PM feeling such sadness spurred by the insistent text messages I am receiving from two friends (which for the sake of privacy I will not use their real names) Tina & Herald with whom I used to parTAY it up with back in the day. From Trio to Duo. Sad.

On a happy note, my husband and I do plan on taking B to her first Gay Pride Parade on Sunday and according to Tina & Herald this b#$%h better show come rain or shine.

And here are my 2 friends, approx. 10 minutes ago:

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