Two Years

Tonight at 6:39pm my daughter turned 2 years old! She didn't quite comprehend her actual birthday and was looking for another party!

Since today is quite the auspicious day it seems only fitting to evaluate life up til now.

What I've learned in 2 years:
1. A mother's love cannot be put into words nor appropriately described by any adjectives.
2. That sometimes it is more important to sit on the floor and have a pretend tea party than to finish whatever adult work you are doing.
3. The magnitude of importance it is to always verbalize your emotions and say I Love You, and sincerely mean it.
4. You must do whatever it takes to protect your children and yourself.
5. At about 18 months is when you need to stop cussing unless you want those words added to her word vocabulary!

Happy Birthday Bianca. I love you more than words!

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  1. Aptly put, Kim. You're doing a GREAT job!! Happy Happy Birthday, B!

    Don't tell anyone, but I heard my little one utter "Damn it" yesterday. She pulled off the knob on the drawer while trying to open it. I'm blaming it on Avatar...she watched it at UBs recommendation. Oh, and she also inquired about the word "shit". Geez...guess all those stunning visuals came with a potty mouth price.


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