Do you believe in Ghosts?

We have a ghost in our home. We've experienced "him" pretty much since 2006 when we moved in. His name is Arthur* and he has been a bit sporadic in checking in with us lately. This morning B woke at 6a.m., stood by my bed looking towards the door and says "No, this is mommy and daddy's room, not yours." I'm a bit upset thinking "Has Arthur decided to not show himself to me anymore? Now it's just to B and the cats? I'm sad."

Speaking of cats, the past week they have been annoyingly dashing into the basement when the baby gate gets opened and hanging out down there all day. This morning, to avoid fighting the cats as well as the kid, I opened the gate and the basement door...the cats sat in front of the open door and wouldn't go in the basement! Nice. I've got to hang out there for most of the day working on orders! Wish me luck!

*We gave him the name Arthur after finding a newspaper from 1954 in the walls of our bathroom when we remodeled it. The newspaper had the subscriber's name, Arthur Roberts and our address stamped on it. Until he tells us otherwise, that's his name.


  1. wow, thats interesting!! Do you live in a very old house?

  2. @Presh- I guess it can be considered old, it's a few years shy of 100. Our city was established in 1836 and so far all we know about our neighborhood is that our nextdoor neighbor's house was the original farm house on this land. It was built in 1902.


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