Frugal Reality is Setting In!

Wow! Day 7 of our challenge and things are looking way uphill! After tallying all the cash we've spent in just 1 week and what we have left from the cash budget, the next three weeks are going to be FUN, with an F'n in front of the fun. 

What am I going to do this week to keep us on track? Tonight I'll work on our meal inventory and actually create a menu for the remainder of the month (sooooo not fun).  I'll also add more stuff to our online garage sale and I'll stop by Goodwill on Friday to drop off some things.

Maybe I'll find an extra $5 to buy a MegaMillions ticket for Friday's drawing....winning that would help with this frugal challenge 4sure!


  1. ooo I should participate in a frugal challenge! We need to cut back to help cover the ever mounting costs of daycare so every little bit helps. Props to you for trying ways to cut back and to save!! What an awesome mama you are!

  2. @J&C-Thanks for the kind words. It may get a bit tight this month because of the challenge, but that just makes it more fun! Hmmm, self created uncomfortableness= more fun? Add that to my list'o issues I should address! :-)

  3. Hi Kim, it's Lynn... We are doing this too! Or least I am since I'm in charge of the money. It has been about two weeks and we are doing petty good, but the grocery shopping is obviously the hardest thing. This afternoon I just went through our freezer and found enough meat, chicken, port, etc. for 25 dinners!!! My next thing is to go through the pantry cabinet... ugh!

  4. @Lynn-That's awesome! Michelle, Eric, & Gina are doing it too! I'm having fun and Joe is getting into it too.

  5. I'll be buying a ticket too.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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