I'm addicted to blogging

There. I said it. I'm addicted to blogging. Well really I wrote it. Looking at my dashboard I see "10 of 11 blogs showing". Yep, 11!  Do I have a problem?

Let me break it down: I have 4 blogs that I actively update, 1 that I haven't launched yet, 1 that is private and just for my pictures for other blogs, and the remaining are I don't know what.

The most recent blog I started I gave great thought about.  After writing a post for The Mom Standard (not yet published...still debating if I should) and the topic it covered I realized that maybe I should start a blog that allows this topic to be more front and center.  So I did! Living with depression isn't all doom and gloom, I know, I've lived with it for over 30 years. Living with it and trying to not let anyone know about it is the unhealthy part of it. I'm finally getting healthy.

If you're not managing more than 11 blogs yourself and have a few minutes to read another one, stop on by...leave a comment, become a follower, or just secretly check in. It's up to you!  This new blog is titled:  Depression & Cupcakes: Turning depression into something sweet.

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  1. Wow, 11 blogs?! I wouldn't be able to keep up with that many. lol :p I have 1, but I do think I may be addicted to blogging. I swear, throughout the day I'm constantly thinking of what my next post will be! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- I'm following you back (and checking out 1 of the other ones out of 11 you have). ;)


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