KitchenAid & Oster Love!

Two appliances I have strong, teetering on creepy, feelings for: My Kitchen Aid Professional 600 stand mixer and my Oster bread machine.  Why the love?

I have been spending more and more time in my, baking, cleaning, repeat. Our No Spend Challenge this month has helped increase my quality time in front of the stove and Shortycake Creations creations are in more demand (yeah for me!). Back when I first started dabbling in Shortycake Creations I was burning through 1 hand-mixer monthly and it took 4-ever to make royal icing. That stand mixer cut my time by 75% at least, saved on me stockpiling hand mixers in the basement, and gave me time while it is running to change out the garbage bag. (see below about that one). 

The bread machine. LUV it! I hate buying bread...I'm an ingredients reader and if there are more than 5 ingredients that don't include chocolate, pudding, or ice-cream, then I cringe and get all OCD about buying it. The bread machine has freed me of my freakness. Flour, water, oil-I never use butter, just good ole Olive Oil, sugar, yeast. That's it. Dump it in, push the button and 3 hours later a 2 pound freshly baked loaf is ready to be devoured! Yum. (I actually made 2 loaves today: Cinnamon Raisin and a French Loaf.)

Let me tell you the things I hate in my kitchen. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat waiting for this. The very pricey (thank heavens we got it as a wedding gift) food processor-yuck, double yuck. It's way too difficult to clean and in all honesty, operate. Too many pieces for me. My hubs uses it a ton more than me...but I'm the one washing it after every use! My other hatred is for my garbage can. "What? How can you hate your garbage can?" you ask? It's a love-hate. I've had it since 1993 and it's still in great shape.  It's also one of the last kitchen items remaining from my undergraduate days.

The hate part comes in here: the lid mysteriously disappeared (OK, I know my hubs may have 'accidently' thrown it away), it always has to have the bag at least once a day I'm filling that thing up, and it has to sit out in the open in the kitchen. My kitchen is about the size of a shoebox...really, not exaggerating on this one. Almost 100 year old brick bungalow-kitchens were an afterthought. So that's why I hate my garbage can.

As I was typing this non-contributing-to-the-wellness-of-society post, that Swiffer commercial with the ousted brooms and mops sadly looking in at their replacements started ringing through my head. Now I'll be singing "love stinks" in my dreams!

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  1. The garbage's not good, really. Who loves their garbage can? I can't remember when I started, but mine's been under the sink forEVER; always with fresh bags under the current one to make changing it, which I do near daily, a breeze. What about one of those wave-your-hand cans? One of my OCD friends has a TC like that.


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