Lessons In Parenting: A lesson in debating

Ever debate a toddler?
My new approach is allowing B to have her way when I tell her something and she says "No!" PENDING she provide a good argument why her way is best. 

I know, she's only 2 and testing her boundaries, blah, blah, blah, but I remember growing up and hearing "Because I said so" so much that I started picturing the "I" in that statement to be a huge scary ogre that would eat me limb by limb if I didn't just fall in line and do it because "I" said so!

Last night was our first run at this, and here's what went down:

M: "Get off that."

B: "No!" (With hands firmly on her hips.)

M: "Fine. Tell me your reason why you are not doing what Mommy told you."

Then a short pause with an intense look on her face

B: "Because I'm Banca!"

Enough said. She won.

B:1 M:0


  1. Debate a toddler? Hmmm, no, never worked for me. I tended to use the distraction technique. If you get them thinking or talking or looking or whatever at something other than whatever they are fixated on at the moment, they often just forget what they were so set on having or doing. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well with 10 and 13 year olds like my sons now!
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  2. I've never debated a toddler, but it sounds like they can be very convincing. :) It won't be long before my son is 2...sounds like it will be an adventure!

    I'm now following from MBC. :)

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