Lessons in Parenting: Hold the Frappe!

Frappe Regret
Do not, under any circumstances, give your toddler a 12oz McD Caramel Frappe! No matter how annoying her high pitched whiney-arsed crying tantrum becomes.
Especially 2 hours before bedtime!


  1. Hilarious! I just love your blog design! It is awesome.

    I am following you now, and found you through MBC under 100 followers group.

    Hope you'll stop by and share the love:

  2. hehe:) I'm glad you still treat yourselves to some things! You deserve to have some fun after all your diligent efforts to save money!! :) I love our date nights too. We have tried to cut back on the expensive sushi dates and have had more practical cheap dinners but, still...I like my dates!! lol

  3. @Katie-thanks for the compliment on my blog theme...it's a bit different, but hey, so am I. @Joey&Casey-We found an excellent sushi place that is cheap! Cannot cut out the maki & sushi, no way, no how!


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