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Ok, I have to admit I'm a slacker! Sorry for the delay in accepting my awards. I appreciate them greatly! So, without further ado...

Thanks to Anna at The Dave Ramsey Road and Kimberly at The Stinker Pinkers for presenting me with The Versatile Blogger Awards!

The rules of accepting these awards is to list 7 things about myself and then pass the awards on to other bloggers. I'll list 10 to make up for my slacking. :-) 

About me

  1. I'm a Scorpio
  2. I'm 36 but still think I'm in my 20s
  3. My Husband is 5 years younger than me
  4. I aspire to publish a couple books, soon
  5. I'm uber close with my brother Randy
  6. I'm that neighbor that doesn't talk to anyone-my hubs does enough for both of us.
  7. I don't display family photos in my home-it's a "head issue", obviously
  8. Based on #7, a Type A personality, and a diagnosed anxiety disorder I see a therapist regularly and think everyone should!
  9. I love reading other people's's like looking through a person's windows at night and seeing who they really are. Ok, so another reason for #8 I guess.
  10. I'm happy
Now to pass on the awards:

2. Nancy at Wife of a Dairyman
4. Katie at Time2eatyall
5. Meg at Megs a Mommy
6. MamaB at MamaB
7. Casey at One Day at a Time

There are many more blogs I could add to the list, so maybe I will at a later date. I'm sleepy now. Good night everyone!

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