Executive Homemaker Series: Do You Have a Mission?

Holy Crap! We spent money like drunken sailors in port!

I have had 7 months to get a feel for my new position as COO of D&F, Inc. A few changes have been implemented here and there, but nothing drastic to cause a mutiny.

As a Chief Executive in the business world it took quite a while to take inventory of the situation I was entering, the people I was working with, the back office health and the front office image. This step was the hardest part, but because of the invested time in the beginning, implementing the plan went smooth, quick and successful.

Here is the main inventory list I've compiled:
1. 50% loss of household revenue
2. Poor stewardship of money, no definitive monetary goals
3. No "department" plans or objectives
4. Seat of the pants training of new recruits
5. Ill defined job descriptions
6. Building needs maintenance
7. Enthusiastic co-CEO, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
If you are an avid reader of The Mom Standard (Of course you are!), you know that we have started addressing 1 and 2. Our No Spend Challenge for August is going much better than July and I anticipate the remainder months of the year to only be better. No department is authorized to purchase anything that is not needed nor on sale. Expense receipts are collected daily down to the penny and "attaboys" are given when we save money on our needed purchases.

By the end of the year we will be better equipped to define our present and future monetary goals and how we are going to meet them. We will also be better equipped at knowing what truly is important to our family!

What's next for KimD, Executive Homemaker?
Marriage is a contract, a covenant. Family & household functioning should be one too. This is where I believe people tend to get stuck.

Entering marriage in most cases is pretty formal...meeting with ministers, pre-marriage counseling, etc. The focus was so much on the candidates that the positions and the goals of the "company" were not well defined nor detailed in how to attain them. "Oh we want to have kids in a few years, a house, and a dog one day" is NOT a detailed, orchestrated plan! Operating procedures are needed for our family to run like a well oiled machine.

Our Family Mission Statement is what's next on my to-do list.

What do you think? Do you have a well defined plan for your family? Do you have a family mission statement?

I'd really love to hear thoughts on this!

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  2. Hey There! You are not alone!

    I just jumped over to see you from "This Mama Loves her Bargains". Nice to meet you!

    Good post!

    I'm from Wedded Mommy Bliss

  3. I am a new follower from Good Friends Just Click blog hop... and to be honest I decided to follow fron your first two words, holy crap. LOL
    I love real honest blogging moms. I can't stand the my life is perfect, my kids are perfect, let me judge how your doing ones...
    I look forward to reading more of your blog. If you have a chance please check me out at http://teensntoddlers.blogspot.com/
    I just realized after reading your post that although I have abook of lists and goals, I do not have a plan! Holy Crap how did that happen? I don't think just surviving until the kids are all out of the house qualifies as a plan...I will have to get on this one!

  4. You're not alone. We're slowly working on things aligned in the finance department. I only wish though that I could become CEO at home. No, it's the executive life for me.

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