Coupon Rant

I've stockpiled coupons for our Frugal Living undertaking. My husband even goes to Menards on Sunday morn and picks up 2 more Tribs so I have more coupons. After having watched Supercouponing by Jill Cataldo I have an even stronger drive to Save, Save, Save! I think I've crossed the line though. Now, when I look at the sales papers I am only looking at what I can get for Free!

Here's my gripe though. I am an Aldi shopper. Aldi is and has always been my numero uno store for basic goods. So, I tend to compare product prices from the name-brand stores to Aldi prices. Even if I've got a coupon, if the product isn't cheaper than Aldi, then I buy Aldi's brand.  Now, Aldi I've noticed has a regional pricing structure. Each one has slightly different pricing for the same items. That being said I understand the difficulty in trying to compile a list of general prices. BUT I still want to complain (I've only had one cup of joe this morn so I'm still a bit grumpy) that all these bargain/deals/couponing blogs do not take Aldi into consideration. I want to know if I use the 12 coupons on the 12 items you state will the price, if not Free, still be cheaper than the comparable product at Aldi.

Ok, I'm off that ugly soap box.


  1. I so admire avid coupon cutters and money savers such as yourself. I've tried to go that route but, it just hasn't worked well for me yet...we do however need to start cutting costs so I might need to learn quickly!

  2. Casey you sooo need to get addicted to couponing! It's now actually fun seeing what I can get dirt cheap or free! It does take some time and planning but there are sooooooo many coupon and frugal tips blogs that help make it easier! For sure check out SuperCouponing!

  3. I totally agree with you! I love couponing AND CVS-ing but I get most of my basics from Aldi (and Kroger) and I know if I can't get it cheaper than their price with the coupon, I'm just going to buy it there.


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