Executive Homemaker Series: Automate


Save time for fun things in life by automating as many things that you can. Here are 4 big ones that I use and am quite grateful for:

  1. Automatic Bill-Pay/E-bill. Stop the snail mail bills from coming-saves on paper clutter=less visual stimulating stress. Get an email reminder to pay a bill, click a few buttons and be done.
  2. Schedule a donation pick-up service once a month or quarterly. Throughout the weeks start bagging your donations so they're ready! Better yet, get one of those laundry clothes dividers and tag each department: donate, trash, out of season. Get the whole family involved, saving You, the Executive Homemaker, time!
  3. Shopping. Certain items you use on a regular basis-like vitamins-order them online and set up an automatic ship monthly. Make sure you're getting a good price on the products. There are some things that searching for the perfect coupon and driving to a different store to save money costs you more in time! I have a monthly shipment for my vitamins, supplements, Laundry Detergent (yes, frugal laundry detergent shipped to my door), cleaning supplies, baking staples (extracts, seasonings). Now my Sunday Coupon Craze is focused on food and toiletries. My coupon binder is lighter and my duration in stores is much shorter.
  4. Lights on and off. Go spend the few dollars on motion detectors, light sensors, and timers and put them on your lights. When you leave in the day and come home in the dark you can rest assured that a light will come on for you once you go through your door. We have our front porch light on a light sensor, the back entry light on a motion sensor, and a few timers on lights to make it look like someone is home when we are not! AND the lights shut themselves off too, so no wasted electricity due to those family members who haven't a clue how to work a light switch.

What other daily life duties can be automated to save our time?

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