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Diet Pills. Yesterday I had to buy a new skirt for my Uncle's funeral and the size I had to get made me want to throw up and immediately go to Fat Camp or audition for the lead in Hairspray.

Fat camp and Broadway are not options. I have a toddler to take care of. My family has been eating healthy Mediterranean dishes for about a year now. When we first started there was some weight loss, but then adding tons-o-sweets kinda killed that. Ice cream is my downfall, chocolate is its evil co-conspirator and my home business is boutique bakery goods that taste AWESOME-not good for a fat chic!

So, yesterday I decided to seek a healthier alternative to the standard diet pills. I started taking Watkins Reduce Plus Dietary Supplement. The label claims they help reduce food cravings, supports sugar and fat metabolism, and promotes healthy blood sugar levels. That's for me!

My hubs and I did go out yesterday and buy running shoes too (he had to buy new pants since none of his fit him either). So in conjunction with my new Watkins Reduce Plus supplements, choosing healthier food alternatives while not snacking on sugar, and adding exercise I'll be on a good path to a healthy weight! And setting a better example for my already-in-love-with-chocolate-and-ice cream toddler!
Wish me luck!
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  1. I hate those dreaded cravings!! I'll be honest...I eat one of those huge bags of skittles about once every week and a half since my daughter was born. I don't know why but, I just LOVE them and can't stop eating them!! I definitely wish you luck! I look forward to hearing about the progress:-)


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