Passion into Profit

What do you want to do?

I'm a soon to be 37 year old woman who is at that time in life where I need to decide my purpose, passion, and direction for the remainder of my years.  Since college my priorities have done a 180. I know what I live for now and anything I do needs to enhance this.

I have a number of visions for myself and now that I'm done with my family plan, it's on to my personal plan. First I think I need to take a class in juggling!

Here are what I have my hands in now:
1. Shortycake Creations boutique bakery goods (hobby turned business)
2. Writing! Blogging, researching, writing papers. I have 2 books started that I want to finish soon. (been writing since the age of 5)
3. An at-home-business, representing a company I believe in. (I buy this company's products so often, I thought it best to share their products with others)
4. Business & Succession Planning Consulting small family businesses (I came from a family business that was jeopardized by poor business and succession planning)
5. Executive Homemaker.

With this list I need to figure how to turn my passions into profit.

Have you turned your passions into profit? What is your passion? How long did it take to get to the profit end?

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