September Sunk the Frugal Ship

It's an hour away from October 1, 2010.  Thank G_d September is over because it kicked my butt hard. The month started strong, then I was sideswiped by family deaths which started the tailspin. There are 2 ways I handle grief: ice cream therapy and retail therapy. September I indulged in both...alot.

Besides spending money like I have the keys to Fort Knox, our kitchen ceiling got worse and we had to start the remodel sooner than expected. The budget is high for such a small space but I'm determined to come in under, even with my extravagant splurge of a blue quartz counter top!

I could use this month as a valid excuse to throw in the towel, but NO I am determined to 1. stop eating ice cream for comfort 2. get back on the Frugal horse and break it in my way! There were a few weeks of a frugal funk not knowing if the direction I was taking was right for my family. I realized I was trying to fit my family and our ways into the ways of other frugalists. That's just not me. So, I'm taking all the valuable lessons on frugality I have learned and continue to learn and am molding them my way.

The excitement of the challenge is back with a vengeance. Watch out world, Mrs. FruGal is back!!!


  1. This month kicked our butts too! I was going to briefly post about it this weekend but, my hubs has TMJ and the medical bills are astronomical! It's so frustrating because he just got a little raise. I was hoping to save that money and then also pay a few things off so that we are not so strapped and now we are instead dealing with a maxed out credit card for medical stuff. This is when I bow my head and I say, "Lord, I'm trying my best here. I'm really trying to be a good steward with what you have given me but, I just can't seem to juggle what's being thrown at me. Please give me strength to press on strong and joyfully and wisdom to handle what I have." That's all I can do these days. I'm also sorry to hear about loved ones passing away. That is so hard and I pray that you are being comforted...even if it is ice cream. Everyone deserves those seasons. Blessings!

  2. Oh Casey I hear you on the medical bills too! My hubs was in the ER last week for a kidney stone, so I'm waiting for those bills to be put on our fabulous credit card. I figure, as long as I'm not putting Louis Vitton bags on the cc, we are doing ok. But darn, I really want that bag! :-) I think the big guy is just making sure he's putting all I can handle on my nice broad shoulders!!!!

  3. Oh I can relate. I hope things look up soon for you. Would a blog award help? I left you one on my blog today :-) ~Kimberly

  4. I love your blog It is interesting and fun to read!

  5. Thanks for all the blog-Love ya'll! Welcome aboard Groovey Baby and Thank you (my favorite name in the whole wide world)Kimberly for the award. It did help!

  6. Hmmm...Dominicks is out of the way for me, but I do recall their produce being very fresh. I would shop there with a $25 gift card. =) I've never been big on coupons. Well, I save them but forget to use them. =( Is there hope for me, KimD?


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