HELLo Mommy Dearest!

The past few weeks have been a bit trying. The hubs has been working odd hours so me & B haven't seen him much; my hormones are going a bit haywire-forgot to get my BC pills refilled-OK, I didn't forget, I'm just too lazy to make my annual cuddly-cootchie appointment; we are getting ready for a full blown kitchen remodel with no $; and I've had the shortest temper ever known to man. Really. My fuse is BLOWN! I don't even want to be around myself.

Poor B is the one dealing with it. She's handling it pretty well.  I give her props for not cowering in the corner and instead looking at me with old, wise eyes while either walking away or yelling right back at me for being off my rocker. When she does this it knocks me out of my deranged funk and makes me smile.

She isn't like I was at that age. The one person I don't want her to fear is me and so far so good.


  1. My mama was not a nice person when she was moody/depressed when I grew up (she's changed a lot over the years for the better praise God!), but, I was afraid of her for a long time. It's hard being an overloaded mama. I have so much more understanding as to what my mom was going through now so I forgive her for it all regardless and we are best friends. It seems that kids forgive so readily and I am so thankful...hopefully my daughter will be as kind with me! Hope tomorrow is a brighter day!

  2. Omg, Did you say cuddly cootchie appointment? Lmbo

  3. Omg, did you say cuddly cootchie appointment? Lmbo


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