Cutting Expenses. Every little bit counts!

(I originally wrote this in the summer, just never got around to posting it)

I've reached the line where becoming frugal goes from just being fun to fanaticism. After receiving our electric bill yesterday I wanted to vomit! Yes, it's been very hot here so we've had our 2 window units pumping cold air throughout the house but really, almost $300 worth of cold air?  Last night as  I was journaling I started lamenting on what more we can do to be frugal with electric. Here's my list:
1. change out all lights to high efficiency ones: already done!
2. unplug all unnecessary appliances: done
3. motion sensors on porch light and basement stairwell light: done
4. turn off the air: today it's hot and humid but we've got a fan blowing what cool air is left. Our bedroom ac unit is on so when it gets too unbearable we'll just huddle on the bed and watch tv in there.
5. Use the gas stove/oven in the basement instead of the electric oven upstairs...especially since we are doing more baking these days.
6. use our electric clothes dryer no more than 3 times per month...I hang everything out on the clothesline.

Those 6 were all I could think of so I started some research and came across a helpful article on Move.Com titled "Cut your electric bills painlessly" by Burt Ramone. One suggestion he made that I would have never even considered was to put all your left-over food in air tight containers because uncovered foods & liquids release moisture and makes the refrigerator compressor run more! Who knew? (Ok, rhetorical question there...I don't want to be made aware by everyone that I am the last person on earth to learn this!)

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  1. You are a fanatic and you are not alone!! My year at home has created a monster looking for every opportunity to save. Air-tight containers in the fridge to slow down the compressor? Good one. I didn't know, so you're not the last, that would be me. Thanks! Brian


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