Darn I Earned This! (DIET)

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Yep, this isn't my first post on my battle of the bulge. I guarantee it won't be my last. The difference? Where I am emotionally now is a whole different country than where I've been all my life!

The only thing in my past that I really had "control" over (I hate that word, it's so dictator-like) was my body. I controlled what I put in it, put on it (3 tattoos and counting), who I let near it. From an emotionally healthy person viewpoint you'd look and say "Um, obviously by the size of your rear you had no control". Au contraire. Sadly I sabotaged my own body with my "control". Making my weight go up and down let me know that I in fact was in control of me. Confusing...yes. I'll just stop now.

This past year I've reached some major emotional milestones, each one making me stronger and not worried about the storm around me. I grew up believing that if you put yourself first for anything you are selfish and doomed for an eternity in hell. I now have learned that putting yourself first is not selfish, it's healthy. I have to put my overhead O2 mask on before I can help others sitting next to me.

Nutrisystem-logo.jpgMy weight loss program of choice is NutriSystem. I did it before back in 2006 and was quite successful. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead because gosh Darn I Earned This!
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