Potty Training, Pull-Ups, Patron Saints, Puke

Poop. I've never been too good dealing with crap. In our journey of Potty training I am believing more and more it would just be a lot easier to keep her in diapers until she's 10. Finding all the bathrooms in public places, rushing to them thinking an excrement emergency is on its way just to realize that no, she just wants to check out the stall really is getting annoying.

Pull-ups. Really these are just diapers with a different Velcro attachment. Useless I tell you. Here's what I've learned from these newfangled pseudo diaper/panties: Poop in Pulls-ups is NOT a good combination. Today for example B came walking out of her room with a big, proud grin on her face and her pull-ups pushed down to her ankles. She excitingly announced "I pooped" and yes, yes she did. She also smeared the crap all over her legs and hands while pushing the pull-ups down. I rush her to the bathroom to quickly clean up this nastiness and realize I'm in crap hell. We ran out of diaper wipes! As I run down into the basement to retrieve our last roll of paper towels I say a prayer to the Patron Saint of Potty training and Poop to please, for heaven's sake, don't let her put her hands to her mouth while I'm downstairs.

Puke. It's taken some major mind over matter to not just chuck it all over this computer keyboard.  I need to lay down until this poop induced queasiness subsides.

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