A Booger of a Bug

Our family has been battling a very determined "bug" over the past few months. It got the best of our daughter who now has a Sinus Infection!

I prefer prescribed antibiotics as a last resort to fight most ailments, including icky sinus stuff.  That said, for the next few days I'm ramping up our home remedies for her Sinus Infection and here's the list:

  • Keep the menthol vapor rub on her
  • Put the vapor mist machine back in her room
  • Make lots of extra garlic infused meals for her since she has yet to learn how to swallow capsules. Thank God she's Italian and loves all things garlic!
  • Avoid ALL dairy products. Over Christmas I was lax about this and her condition worsened.
  • Oh how great it would be to have my 2.5 year old let us administer the Neti Pot on her to clean out those sinuses and help alleviate the inflammation. Frighteningly that would be like attempting to hug a wounded lion trapped in a corner who is hungry. Ain't gonna happen!
  • Lots of hot herbal tea (they make a great one for kids) sweetened with a heaping amount of local, organic honey.
  • And of course Nonno's "special" broth soup that she loves.

If after the few days this "booger" of a bug doesn't want to leave, then off to our awesome Pediatrician for a dose of man-made infection ammo!

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