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Executive Homemaker Series
Love at Last Sight: Week 1-The art of being all there.

This morning I walked into the dirtiest kitchen ever-gotta clean that today. I made myself a hot cup of coffee-must drink before B wakes. I hear "Mommy I want you to Cuddle with me." My knee-jerk reaction was "Crap!" then I remembered I need to be ALL THERE for the people in my life, starting this morning with my daughter.

This won't be the last time the kitchen is a mess and I have a microwave to reheat the coffee when able. I will never have this time to cuddle with her on February 14, 2011. So cuddle it was.

Week 1 of Love at Last Sight is about being all there. It takes practice and discipline and commitment. Here's what I need to do this week to get my key relationships on the right track.
  • Commit to one day a week disconnecting from Social Media (gasp). On that day, HAND write a letter or note to one of my key relationships. Hand write a letter to me about what I need from my relationship with myself.

  • Meet face to face with someone, make her feel she is the most important person in the world to me. That's as easy as just listening. Ask about her life. don't interject mine. Don't think of what I am going to say while she is talking. Just listen.

  • Make someone feel noticed and valuable, not invisible. Just a friendly "Good morning"  or smile will change the world!

  • Rate myself on how well I listen. How about when in a conflict? Does someone always need to "win" a fight? Check out for the authors' demonstration of a method to use during conflict.

  • On Day 7 this week, think about how committed I am to my key relationships. Recommit to be there for them no matter what.

Being all there this week will be a challenge but I'm ready to let those I love know they are. I think I'll feel pretty good too.

I'm already liking this new Executive Homemaker Series!
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