I'll finally have a home Library!

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One of my lifelong dreams is to have a home library. You know the kind. Dark burgundy walls, dark wood built-in book shelves, pictures of  English Fox Hunts in overly ornate gold frames hanging on the walls, leather arm chairs, and some type of tartan-throw over the back of them.  Well, my dream is coming true!

OK, not exactly as I've envisioned but a library none the less.  We have a nice old brick bungalow with a good sized 3 season front porch.  Over the years it's been my morning coffee place, one of our cats homes (long story), my daughter's "playroom", and as I type a catch all for all things baby going in a garage sale next week.

This past weekend while rummaging through the basement we decided to go ahead with the library. First things first, we bought bookshelves from Ikea and displayed my collection of the written word. Just the smell of books sends me to another place, but I digress.

Soon the porch will be clear of junk, new sitting chairs will be purchased, and maybe even a fox hunt picture hung. My life is perfect.
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  1. so, kinda like the library magnificent in Beauty and the Beast?? Do you know what I am talking about?? I LOVED that library!!! Yes, def. transports me elsewhere too. So awesome that you are getting a piece of that dream!!

  2. Oooh, congratulations! How exciting. I'm right with you on the home library. I've always loved the part in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when Belle sees the Beast's library for the first time. It's magical. ;)



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