Need 600 New Stuffed Animals!

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"As parents Giuseppe and I know what our goals and hopes are for Bianca as she matures. We also understand there will come a time when our goals and hopes are replaced with those she will create for herself . Our mission as her parents, decided before her birth, is to instill a heart of thanks and giving so that she excites in helping others and gives from an un-wanting heart throughout her life. We want her to know her greatest blessing is being a blessing."

It's May and I've got less than 5 weeks to get B's 3rd birthday party planned. This year the donation requested is new stuff animals. About 600 kids are admitted to the Peds Unit and ER at Hinsdale Hospital per year. How wonderful would it be to make sure each kid gets a stuffed animal to cuddle?

When I was 5 I had my tonsils removed at Hinsdale Hospital. I remember like it was yesterday receiving a stuffed cat from an elderly  volunteer when I was admitted. It didn't leave my side. When I first woke in recovery the first thing I did was grab for my cat. During the scary nights in my hospital room that stuffed animal provided the comfort a 5 year old away from home needed. I had that little stuffed cat until I went away to college! Click here to go to other posts about Bianca's Blessings

This year the Bianca's Blessings Gift Donation Drive will be blessing Hinsdale Hospital's Pediatric Ward. If you are interested in donating a New stuffed animal, please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the mailing information.  Each animal will have a gift tag attached with your name listed as the proud Blessing Donor!  

If you are a company wanting to donate, please email me, and I will reply with the PR you will receive for it!

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