Watkins Inventory Reduction Blow Out!

NEW Watkins products are being launched and I need to make room for them!  Here is a list of what I have on clearance from my inventory(you must order direct with me, while supplies last). 

 3-Lemon Body Care Gift Sets- $24.99 $15.00ea

2-Hand Soaps (Aloe & Green Tea Sent)-$7.49 $5.00ea

10-All Purpose Cleaner (various scents: Lav, Aloe & Green Tea, Lemon, Orange Citrus)-$5.99 $3.50ea

3-100% Organic Sage .78oz-$6.49 $3.00ea

3-100% Organic Thyme .99oz-$6.49 $3.00ea

3-100% Organic Curry Powder 1.8oz-$6.49 $3.00ea

3-100% Organic Cloves 2oz-$7.49 $4.00ea

1-Black Pepper $8.99 $5.00ea

1-Cinnamon  $12.49 $7.50ea

1-Gold Medal Sampler $15.99 $10.00ea

2-Female Formula Supplements $12.99 $7.50ea

1-Male Formulla Supplements $17.99 $10.00ea

2-Childrens Chewable Vitamins $9.99 $7.50ea

Email your Order Today and be entered to win a Lavender Spring Cleaning Gift Pack! (Lav APC, Window, Hand Soap)

$5.00 shipping!

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