"I don't want to get fat"

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 "I don't want to get fat." This is the reason B gave her grandmother for not eating much yesterday.

I'm sick just thinking about this. My hubs and I have been very cautious regarding talking about weight & fat around her. I grew up "fat" and can remember as young as 4 or 5 my family commenting to me about my weight. I don't want this for my daughter.

Here's where I think I've messed up. When my daughter asks why I exercise I tell her so I can lose my fat and be healthy like her. She's a toddler so right now she wants to be like mommy. Doing what mommy does and for the same reasons is just her being almost 3 (WOW 15 more days and she will be 3!).

This is a wake up call. Stop talking and instead just lead by example. Live healthy and active for living's sake, not the number on the scale.
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  1. My 4-year old will tell you she likes to exercise because it's so good for your body! I think that's okay because she's going to need to exercise to be healthy for the rest of her life...unless she moves to a farm and returns to an 18th century lifestyle. ;) I know you don't want her to dwell on it, but I think it's good for kids to have a positive attitude about exercise. And maybe she wasn't hungry anymore, so she didn't want to eat when she was full because she didn't want to get fat. I think kids reason a lot more than they are capable of explaining sometimes. I know my daughter will often eat a big breakfast and lunch and then only want about 150 calories worth of food at dinner time. And, I think that's okay too. :)


  2. Hi Carla! Thanks for the reassurance. I think you are 100% correct. I have to remind myself that she is only 3 and hasn't been exposed to the stigma of fat and self-image. I need to start thinking like a 3 year old and not a late 30something paranoid product of the 80s! :-)


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