Learning to Iron-a Practical Life Activity

Oh today you and I are not on the same page. I woke late due to your lack of brightness caused by your overcast sky & pouring rain. Though I overslept, I really could have stayed in bed longer had my morning companion Cuppo Coffee not been calling.

B and I are in my library-her home classroom. She had a "milk" tea party and I a cappuccino party. I'm trying not to hate today while she is enthralled in her new practical life toy we bought yesterday, an IRONING BOARD & IRON!

After a few minutes of intense ironing she proclaims "thanks for the best new toy!"

When I was four or five I learned how to iron. It was not a fun experience, nor was it with pretend toys. No, I was taught to iron because in reform school you have to iron your own uniforms or get spanked with a wooden paddle inlaid with nails.

Ironing is not my favorite thing and for the longest time I thought I was really being sent to reform school.

Gotta put the pen and coffee down. She has her iron flat on the board, time to teach her the do's and don'ts of ironing...without fear of corporal punishment.

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