How to clean house, eliminate chaos, and save face

Oh dear God I am mortified! The water company sent a worker over to replace our indoor meter and he had to enter my disgusting home! Rewind, first he had to see me in all my hot-mess glory. Thank heavens I at least decided to put a bra on when I got dressed today!

My house is a mess. The dining table is covered in books, papers, craft tools, etc. The floors need sweeping and mopping. The cobwebs need to be wiped away (though they do make great Halloween decorations...too soon, I know). Yesterday I let B play ALL DAY by herself- translated- she has every cotton-pickin toy she as ever owned strewn about the common living, aka PUBLIC, areas of the house. I figured, she will be with her grandmother today so that's when I'll do all my cleaning.

Back to now. Since 6am I have been on the computer really, aside from a few Pinterest repins, Twitter updates, and Facbook Likes I have been really working. At 10am Water-Man showed up and the cleaning hadn't been started. What's worse? He had to go into the basement! The dark, dank, clutter sistern that I avoid visiting for fear of getting lost and dying a slow, painful, stenching death.

FlyLady's FlyToon
Well, I can't save face with Mr. Water-Man now, but I can avoid such circumstances in the future. This is where comes in.  I humbly headed back to her site ashamed of myself for falling off her routine. Great thing is she is very understanding. No need to fret, I just start today doing today's task and vow to every morning see what is scheduled to do for the weekly Flyzone.

Clutter and chaos will be eliminated and I can with my head held high welcome strange village workers into my home without any shame!

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  1. I have totally been there! Not fun but, you made me chuckle;0. I actaully had a play date yesterday with a new friend and totally forgot about it so when she showed up not only was my house a mess but, I was still in jammies, no bra, bad breath, make up smears and well, you get the idea. lol. I need a personal assistant!!


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