Look at me, I'm the Bionic Woman Today!

Today I feel like that little robot girl from Small Wonder...remember that show? Better yet, I'm more like the Bionic Woman minus the long feathered hairdo. B is with her grandmother so I'm rushing around getting as much of my pompous to-do list done. I've got about 1.5 hours left and am taking my 15 minute cappuccino break.

It's funny, I've been writing everyday,  yet it's been a few WEEKS since I've posted anything of substance on my blogs. Go figure. What is helping me write EVERYDAY is the book by Julia Cameron, "The Right to Write". If you are a writer (and if you are a blogger, guess what, you're a writer) I totally recommend her book. Every chapter she has an activity for the reader to get in the groove of just getting pen to paper and words from your mind to the sheet.

What else? B did her gift donation drop off at the hospital. It was wonderful. One family was very touched by our tradition. We received a picture of the family with some very kind words. This is the lesson we hope B learns. What better gift? There will be an official follow up post on the whole experience. Stay tuned.

I've still been applying for jobs but I truly don't want to go back to corporate America. I want to write and get paid for it! Of course, the 4 children's books I've written still need to be illustrated...which requires an outlay of money so they are kind of just waiting for our winning mega-millions ticket to come to fruition.

We went through a crazy week with my sister and nephews. Like real crazy. A very wonderful lesson was learned...sometimes when people say they want help, they still may not be ready for it. The other lesson we learned? Never reply to any one's request for help! Seriously, I had 2 full blown panic attacks in 4 days and our life was in the process of being completely uprooted. Sometimes, if you love someone, you have to let them learn on their own. Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps can be the best help out there.

This past Sunday we went to Comic Con. It was AWESOME! Of course I'll post all about it this week. Talk about a great family activity. My daughter has talked about it everyday since. You don't need to be the stereotypical comic book enthusiast to have a great time at Comic Con. Trust me!

OK, my 15 minutes are up. Time to decorate some cookies, paint a second coat of chalkboard paint on the wall, work on September's Pre-School lesson plans, make a picture frame jewelry display, sew some felt food, clean the house, and jog 3 miles!


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