Come Pee Yourself at my Bridesmaids DVD Release Party

I've been a bridesmaid 11 times. You read that correctly, ELEVEN! Last June I retired at my sister's wedding. Thankfully for my last gig I looked great in the dress! As you may have thought, I know a thing or 2 about being in a bridal party. Oh, and I had my own wedding as well...with 9 attendants, but I digress. A movie about being a Bridesmaid? That is so for me!

I dragged my hubs out to see Bridesmaids in the theater, I peed myself from laughing so hard. No, really, I have given birth vaginally so yes, I peed myself. [TMI?]

The awesome folks I work with at ThinkJam [Shout out to Claire and Emily-Hey girlfriends!] asked if I'd like to be included to host a DVD release Girls Night In movie preview party. Um, heck yeah, sign me up.
1. I love to throw parties,
2. Bridesmaids is the funniest movie ever,
3. My G-friends really need a night away from their fams and
4. What a perfect opportunity to wear one of my BM dresses a second time!!!

Here's my party plan:
Theme: Whole Latte Love Coffee Themed (and tea and water for those non-humans who don't drink coffee)
Colors: Pink & Coffee Brown
Decorations: The dining room table will be set like a reception table. Candles supplied by my friend Michelle with Gold Canyon Candles. Other Decor will be coordinated by me from Shortycake Creations
Libations: An all out coffee bar! Make your own creation, cold, hot, loaded, virgin, milky, black, JR Watkins Gourmet Flavored Extracts will be available to kick up the concoctions and make them smell great when we blow them out our noses from laughing so hard!
Food: We are going finger food all the way.  Dips and appetizers are being provided by my friend Lynn with Tastefully Simple. Cupcakes provided by Shortycake Creations. And other yummies will for sure be on the buffet as well.
Favors: Homemade gourmet Biscotti gift bagged and bowed. ALSO, I've asked guests to bring a White Elephant Gift to exchange... the gift must be a bridesmaid's gift she received at one time or another!
Fun: Photo ops in bridesmaids dresses...I want to recreate a couple of the movie scenes and of course WATCHING THE MOVIE! [Did you know that Melissa McCarthy is from my neck of the woods? Yep, that makes us almost like friends or something, right?]

OMG I am so excited for this party! Stay tuned for the party may be just as funny as the movie!

"[On the plane] Annie: I am ready to parrrtyyy."

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