DIY Home Decor on a Budget Series (aka addicted to Pinterest!)

Our neglected front steps with cousins. Farmhouse is in the background.
My home is 100 years old.  It is a red brick bungalow nestled in an old original part of town.  It sits on property which used to be farm land with the original farm house still standing as its neighbor.

I love history~more important I love historic.  I love knowing that the floors I walk on are original which decades of people have walked on, all with a story.

When we moved in the house was disgraced.  My heart ached for it.  Thus my mission to research and bring back some attributes that may soften its pain and bring it happiness once again.

Here's where my neurotic hangup caused a snag~I hate things on walls. Especially personal pictures.  For years our decor has been a major modge podge of my old apartment furniture and few wall hangings here and there.

This past month something inside me came alive! My heart yearned to turn this house I so dearly love into a warm, inviting, lived in by human beings and furry creatures home.  I actually want people to walk in and be able to determine a bit about us and what we love by our surroundings.  Plus, a dear friend Kim got me HOOKED on Pinterest which totally got my creative juices in overdrive.  Who needs 5 Hour Energy when you've got Pinterest?

For the next few weeks I will highlight a DIY I've done around here and you too can be part of my home's continuing, living story.

First in my little series is our dining room Fireplace Mantel Mirror Frame turned Chalkboard! Stay tuned.

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