I am my biggest cheerleader: Author Anna Deskins interviewed ME!

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Me, KimD, was interviewed by Children Book Author Anna Deskins. ME! Yes, I am high fiving myself in between keystrokes.

I am a writer. I have children books written ready for illustration and self-publishing (one day I'll go into my whole philosophy about self-publishing). I am also a PR Marketer: Stay tuned for an inspiring story of hope and endurance by Author Randy Beal and his soon to be released book "Undiagnosed"

To have a real live author think I'm interesting and want to interview me...SCORE! I feel like Sally Fields accepting her Oscar "You like me, you really like me!"

Anywho, the interview is a quick read so PLEASE check it out. Leave a comment letting Anna know I sent you. Check out her work too!

Click HERE for the interview!
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  1. Sweet!! That is really awesome. I will def. go check out the interview!


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