Nature's Hand Authentic Granola. Put your Birkenstock's on and get you some! {Sponsored Review}

Yes, the bag on the left is empty!
Nature's Hand Authentic Granola 100% Natural

I love granola! It is the most versatile snack ever. Eat it straight from the bag, bake with it, mix it with hazelnut cocoa spread & peanut butter {yum to the um}, sprinkle on ice cream, pancakes, salads, yogurt, you get the idea.

How excited was I when asked to try out Nature’s Hand Authentic Granola 100% Natural? I hugged the postman and every tree in my yard-that’s how.

Once the love fest was over and the splinters removed, I opened the box and God as my witness there were 2 full sized bags of this heavenly treat waiting for my taste buds to test them.

Here’s the brief scoop of Nature’s Hand:

*The Recipe is from 1971 by Hans Sadlak, a German-born immigrant in Minnesota
*Its oven-baked
*Because it is true granola it has a True granola taste, texture, and now increased clusters
*You can pronounce the ingredients, they are natural, and nothing hydrogenated about them.

Nature’s American Co. has been around for 40 years. What’s the recent buzz about?

Well, first thing is the new packaging—easy to read, pleasant to look at-you can see the product through the new preview window, and reseal the bag so the granola stays fresh no matter how long it lasts. {Two days in my home!}

There are now 6 flavors blends: French Vanilla Almond (to die for), Cranberry Delight (perfect for the holiday dinner table), Wild Blueberry (kick your morning muffins up a notch), Raisin Hazelnut (OMG! Make homemade sweet rolls with this combo and it’ll blow your family’s minds!), Cinnamon Apple (mix some in to your apple-pie filling this holiday season for some oomph!), and my favorite-Maple Pecan (sprinkle in oatmeal to get your morning really started).

Oh, did I mention there is only premium all natural ingredients used, its low in sugar, nothing artificial, zero trans- fat & sodium {“Yippee!” Said my heart and soon to be narrower rear-end}

To go along with the newest convenience craze-Nature’s Hand Authentic Granola is available in convenient snack on the go single serving hand held packages-great if you’re a runner who needs to refuel during a long run or are a mom like me with absolutely no serving-size self-control.

The uber best part about Nature’s Hand Authentic: Price! That’s correct-these 13oz bags of natural heavenly deliciousness have a suggested retail price of…hold your patchouli scented Birk's for this…$4.99! Say goodbye to extreme couponing—save your scissors for scrapbooking! In case you need to feel you’ve gotten an even better deal, go to and check out their celebration rewards for their new product and packaging. There are special contests, buy-on get-one coupons and for those lacking in the creativity department-recipes.

Visit them on Facebook & Twitter: Tell them KimD from The Mom Standard sent you!

*YES! I received product to test and provide my honest review.  I tried to find something bad about the product but sorry, couldn't. No monies were exchanged and this is all my honest opinion.

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