Louis CK with some White trash hillbilly parenting style-thats how I roll!

Imagine non stop talking and questions from 9AM thru 12PM today. NON-STOP!  At noon its was time to head to Italian class.  This meant me and B being confined to a very small space with no way out for thirty more minutes of incessent toddler questions.

I snapped and had a Louis CK sprinkled with some good O'white trash hillbilly parenting moment.  After at least the tenth time of telling her to get in the car, at the top of my lungs I, the adult parent sanctioned with the responsibility to raise a respectable member of society, screamed "Get the f#@k in your car seat!"

The perfect SAHMs down the block I am certain heard this raucous outcry which brought a smile to their face and validation to their life that yes, they are perfect parents. Once B was buckled in safe and secure I lowered my head and got in the driver's seat ready to just succumb to the next half hour.

Yes, I had a moment of weakness and for all you not perfect parents with toddlers who can relate, high five. For all you sans toddler peeps who are judging me, all I have to say to you is "Go f#@k yourself!"

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