Oh the weather outside is frightful...

The sky is gloomy.  Looking out the window makes me shudder with cold, immediately needing a warm beverage to settle the chill.  The storms are heading here straight away, likened to be worse than spring storms. The "s" word has not been uttered in the restrained eagerness of the local weather men sitting on the edge of their seats, watching their doplar, trying to be the first to accurately pull the trigger and call correctly what is destined to happen.  By the looks of it, from this ametuer weather woman, they have a good 2 hours to get it right!

Walking outside a wave of fear passes through me. From inside the outside looked so cold yet is actually quite warm.  Almost 60° in November in Chicago. Something is wrong. We are doomed. Everyone is going about their business as usual. Dressed for chilly weather but paying no attention to the oddity. Ignoring it will not make it less strange. No, ignoring it is going to make it angrier and we will have to pay.

My coffee is empty and its time to pick my daughter up from school.

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