Stop slathering killer chemicals on your babies!

J.R. Watkins now has a baby line of personal care products. I have yet to try them but am very excited to get my grubby hands on them!  We use Burt's Bees products on B. I wanted her little body to not have chemicals soaking through her skin, intentionally. Unpronounceable Chemicals which I'd have to night ninja into the FDA office, break into the "no muggles can know the contents" files, and learn what they actually are. So, we stuck with a product line that was pretty basic and natural.

A couple weeks ago J.R. Watkins announced the Naturals Baby Care Line. Me being the not too active rep didn't read the email...too busy on Pinterest. Here's the line in their email I love the best and will hold them to it: "Made with ingredients as wholesome and harmless as your baby, our products are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and dyes." Oh yeah, sign me up. And their prices are on par with the Bees.

The 100% Naturals Baby Care Line consists of  
Baby Oil, Lotion, Wash, and Soothing Baby Balm.

You can find the dirt of the details and even order your delicate baby's bottom some product HERE!

*Here's my FCC disclaimer: Watkins by no means asked for a post, nor did Burt's Bees. I am a Watkins Rep, solely for my own greedy want of the product discount and my laziness to go to a store to buy all the products Watkins offers, ask Uncle Sam, I suck at selling these products. As stated, I haven't used their baby line yet but if it's like all their other personal care products I can do a little giddy dance cause they'll be awesome! So, back to disclaiming, I guess this is a review of a pre-review of products that I'm not being asked to actually review nor received anything free for. There, that should cover my blogger butt and satisfy some big shot who could sue me or shut me down. Thanks!

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