Executive Homemaker Series: Stage 2

January 27th will mark my 2 year anniversary as a SWAHM. The first couple years for any executive are the make or break years. You come in like a tornado and either leave mass destruction or a rainbow in your wake. I'm proud to say I've created a rainbow. At the end of this rainbow I know is a pot of gold so I'm looking forward to climbing the beautiful colored arch to reach it.

Quick Self Performance Review
  • I have a great team of family and friends and happy helpers who made my transition a manageable one.
  • Ramped up productivity in pre-existing divisions. (Blogging, Shortycakes, Mom, Wife)
  • Started a second home business (Independent Watkins Associate #390284)
  • Formed The Home Binder Division as a starting point for the evolution of a more streamlined, efficient, and goal oriented household.
  • Cooked a whole hell of alot more than ever in my life, and 99% of it was edible!
  • Found and Reignited my passion for life, love, family, friends, business, and me!

What do I have planned for year 2?
  • Tweak and fine tune last year's goals and procedures
  • "Thin the herd" literally: Husband & Wife weight loss is on the books and the ROI is well worth the time & money investment. Also continue tightening the belt on spending and financial frugality.
  • Embrace my position as long term and no longer probationary.
  • Create 30 hours in a day
  • Cultivate my Purpose.

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