Thrifting Treasures: Organizing #WIN

Our thrifting year is well under way. Going into a retail store now makes me cringe when I know I can find the same thing at a thrift store for a quarter of the price.  I've got the sickness for sure!

A few of our thrifting treasures were for organizing the 10 pounds of stuff in our 5 pound bag of a house. We paid no more than $5 for all three items! WIN!
Yes, this is a wine rack. Or was. Now it holds hand towels & wash clothes in our 5'x9' bathroom.
Should I paint it? The medicine cabinet, door frame, and my diy shelf are all black.
For my daughter's closet that is so stuffed with hanging clothes you pull
one thing and 10 others come with it. 
Ultimate score @ $1.50! That is our linen closet. It's the size of a shoebox.
This hanging organizer freed up so much space I was able to put my
brooms and vacuum in it so now the hall is free of  clutter!

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