How-To: Easter Bunting Craft {Guest Post}

Easter craft time! Thank You to Autumn from Life Through Perfected Eyes for this great How-To on a quick, easy, and frugal Bunting craft for the holiday! Its the perfect craft if you want to get the kiddos involved or wait for them to nap and you have some creative alone time! Oh, and Autumn has a kick-arse Etsy Shop too! Check it out all you vintage lovers: Matriarch Vintage

What you’ll need- Old book for pages, needle and embroidery thread or fishing line, six pastel color paint swatches (free from your local Walmart), glue stick, ruler, scissors.

Using your ruler and scissors cut your flags out of your old book pages. I was able to get two flags out of one page. Next, Cut yourself out an egg shaped stencil to use on your paint swatches to have all the same size eggs. I found mine by searching “egg shape” on Google and trading it on a piece of paper and cutting it out. 

After cutting out all the eggs from the paint swatches. Glue them to the flags. (Decorate the eggs or have the children do it for more added fun.)

Lastly thread your needle with your choice of thread or fishing line. Poke the needle through the front and back around (as shown in photo) so the line isn’t shown on front of flag.

Hang up and enjoy!

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