Kids are sponges with Foreign Language Immersion

It's official, my daughter does have an Italian accent.

When she first started putting sentences together my Speech Path friend Sheri commented on B's accent. Well, of course I'm going to believe Sheri, she is trained and talented at picking out the smallest of speech nuances that people such as myself are not. I, the mom, do not hear an accent. Don't get me wrong, she does say a few words a bit funny: Picnic is Pick-a-nick; Backpack  is Back-a-pack; Pick me up is Pick-a-me-up-a, but these alone do not make an accent.

Throw in almost completing a full academic year at Language Stars for Italian and staying with Nonno & Nonna at least a couple weekends a month; this girl doesn't stand a chance at NOT knowing a second language & having a nice little accent to go along with it!

Two weeks ago B was playing with some neighbors and the mom asks my husband "Where did B get her accent?".  He politely replied "My dad" and that was that. Last weekend B was at Nonno's & Nonna's from Thursday til Sunday! Saturday night we called her, and while she was jibber-jabbering on about movies, decorating eggs, eating, etc.  I heard it! 

Her accent was so strong I laughed after hanging up and still laugh thinking about it. When something is right underneath your nose you don't see(hear) it. Step away for a few days and Badda-bing, D'accordo!

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