CEO Series: Adding suspense to learning-Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a basket.
Its Spring and time to kick our daily lessons up a notch. No longer does me saying "hey, want to practice writing your letters?" elicit an exciting "Yes Mommy".  Nope, suddenly it makes her run screaming "Noooooo".

While gathering up Easter remains I was inspired to keep the plastic eggs out for a full season to make lessons exciting again. So far it is working!

On slips of paper I wrote lesson activities and put one in each of the eggs. Things like: practice writing your letters, reading circle, sing a song, 10 minutes quiet time, trace____, etc. Pretty much any and everything I want her to be practicing for lessons.

When she is showing signs of boredom, I need a few minutes to get something else ready, or she asks, I pull down the basket and have her gleefully pick an egg and watch her carefully open it to see what she'll do next.  She loves it!

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