Death, Depression, Determination and the Violent Femmes

Death, Depression, and Determination.
Last month I was nailed with 2 family deaths of men I considered surrogate fathers. Their unexpected passing had me on depression alert. The last thing I needed was to succumb to that dark devil. Laying low for a couple weeks is my M.O. when gearing up for a mental fight. Oh, a couple panic attacks occurred in the beginning and were squelched as soon as they began! Increasing my anxiety med dosage, intentional awareness of how my body was feeling, and deep breathing exercises helped control the dreaded dip.  My body assures I am out of the woods and in the clear. Ha! Kiss it Depression, you lost! Today I am determined to put April behind me and take control of things. Rocking to some Violent Femmes is in order.

Over the next week be ready for a few book reviews of some great indie authors, recipes, how-to's, and of course ranting & raving about my precious daughter and our daily craziness we call normal.

Next up: Social Punk author interview & Book Review

If you are looking to read an inspiring story of hope, check out "unDiagnosed" by Randy Beal.


  1. I am so sorry last month was so rough for you! I love that you May attitude!

  2. Thanks G! April showers bring May flowers! ;-)


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