DIY on a Budget: Little Tikes Kiddie Pool turned Flower Bed

How to convert a kiddie pool into a flower bed

Year 4 of our Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox & Wading Pool  meant total repurpose. B is too big to sit in it as a pool and she has a big sandbox behind her playhouse. This year she needed her own space for flowers, per her request.

Queue the drill and some dirt! My husband drilled a few holes for drainage in each wing then filled it with planting soil. A family trip to Menards for flowers, a couple garden signs from Target's dollar bin, and presto! B's very own flower bed in front of her Little Tikes Victorian Cottage home. She has a pretty good set up I have to say!

I love watching her tend to her flower bed, gingerly kissing the flowers, patting them lightly and telling them "good night honey". Since I'm lightening up on the homeschooling for the summer, this bit of nurturing nature is a perfect learning experience for her.

I foresee at least another four years of use from this pool turned flower bed now!

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