Going to Preschool, Now Playing Dumb.

Is this regression or just a phase?

My daughter started one day a week preschool this summer. She needed a break from me and I her. She needed to be around kids. She needed other adult authority figures in her life. She needed to learn.

After seven weeks of preschool I have a bad gut feeling. Every week I ask "What was class about today?" To which she replies "I don't know" and that's all the talk about school. She refuses to pick out her name card before class, will not write her name without asking how to spell it, and has just about all and all given up on reading. Her confidence in her knowledge seems gone.

Playing dumb does not fly with me!

Certainly in some parenting book there is a chapter about this. Somewhere someone will tell me "leave her be, she's trying to fit in", "This is a phase", yadda, yadda, yadda.

I know she knows how to write her name. She knows I know she knows how to write her name. She also knows how to sound out letters to form words and write all the letters. Playing "dumb" (for lack of a more tactful word) is not pretty. I hate it when people play dumb. Call me a Tiger Mom if you must; I like tigers-pretty ones.

What to do?

Maybe I am too far up her butt. Can a parent know her child too much? I understand the capabilities of her age and know her abilities. Looks like our homeschooling year will begin earlier than planned.

Tell me...

Did you experience something like this with your preschoolers?

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