"Mirror, Mirror" on the wall, this party's the HOTTEST of them all!

"Mirror, Mirror" DVD Release Spa Party: A Sweltering Success

Excitement was electric, actual electricity was absent: Queue Mother Nature

This past Saturday was my "Mirror, Mirror" party sponsored by ThinkJam and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Friday night at around 9pm a little Mircroburst occurred in my town of Lockport and besides nearly 1 of every 3 trees being neatly uprooted, power lines snapping, streets flooding,  and mayhem ensuing, my electricity went out...for 26 hours! Yep, the outage lasted through the party.
My street turned small river
Uprooted tree in the cemetery
My neighbor's car was not lucky

Absence of power is not a good enough excuse to cancel, so the shindig commenced. Trust me, as I was sweating my arse off all morning getting the house set up, I contemplated calling the whole thing off. But NO! I'm the consummate entertainer and the show must always go on!

Welcome to my spa

The guests arrived to a sweltering main floor of my home where the food and spa stations were presented. Grabbing some snacks and cold beverages we headed to the basement for some small talk and cooling off by candlelight until my husband retrieved a second generator to hook up the air conditioning.

The Spa Area all set up
The Party Favor Spa Kits


Around 8pm the power came on! Like excited dwarfs who just found a beautiful maiden, we scurried upstairs to soak, lotion, and paint our hands and feet while enjoying the cool comforts of a/c and light. It was here that each guest received their Party Favors: a branded clear water bottle filled with a nail file/mirror, nail brush, and book mark. I added some Watkins lotion samples and foam toe separators for pedicures to round out the spa kit. Twenty minutes later,  poof...darkness and dankness. It really was like sitting in a sauna, quite fitting for a Spa Theme!
Nail polish station

Activity sheets during drying time

Watkins spa products

A knight with a shining generator arrives

Shortly after the second outage my husband arrived, hooked up two air conditioners, a couple fans and some extra lights to the new generator and Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to the living room we headed to watch the movie.

My gal pals who attended all have little girls in their lives who would love this movie just as much as mine. During the movie smiles were on my guests faces, chuckles were emitted throughout, and when finished everyone left with a sense of whimsy, smelling like lavender or peppermint and a new movie title to add to their collection of classics. About 30 minutes after all had left, the power came on, for good!

Chocolate "Mud Mask" Pudding

No Snow White party would be complete without Apples

"Wedding" Cupcakes

Beverage Station

Get yourself of copy of this movie

"Mirror, Mirror" is a refreshing new take on the story of Snow White.  The colors, costumes, whimsy, and artistry of the sets and cinematography are fairy tale like, immersing the viewer into a make-believe realmIt is geared towards every age with childlike quirkiness and adult snark.  "Mirror, Mirror" is an all around beautiful retelling of an old classic for all ages.

*I received a Walmart Gift card to purchased needed supplies for the party and a Copy of the Movie to watch from ThinkJam & 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. No other monies were exchanged and all opinions stated good, bad, or ugly, are all mine...no matter what I was provided to throw this little shin-dig with!

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